The Holiday Season is Quickly Approaching. Are You Ready ?

So, you’ve been thinking about how best to market your business through the Holiday Season….

The time to try Social Media Advertising to target your customers on Facebook and Instagram is NOW. Contact Chattanooga Social today to find out how you can launch a very targeted Marketing Campaign to carry you through the holiday season.

Who are your best prospects? Where are they located? What are their ages? Think about all of these characteristics that help to define your best Holiday Customer. Then contact Chattanooga Social today so we can plan and launch your Social Media Campaign where you can maximize your reach and Holiday marketing dollars.

There is limited media available on Facebook & Instagram and the landscape is competitive; especially around the holidays. So don’t wait until the very last minute to plan those marketing and advertising campaigns.

Contact us today. Those holidays will be here before you know it:

Thyra DeCicco – Marketing Strategist and Owner

Chattanooga Social – 423 – 994-4676

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