Small Businesses – Don’t Forget Your Content

I spend A LOT of time on Social Media. I love Social Media. It’s fun, interesting and entertaining to read stories about businesses and brands worldwide. Plus, I learn a lot about many different types of businesses. It also happens to be my business. So it’s something in which I have passion and interest.

But here’s the thing.

I also see a lot of opportunities for Small Businesses to better optimize their Social Media efforts. Big corporations have quickly seen the shift to Social Media from other forms of advertising like TV, Radio and (gasp) Print. They invest time, money and human resources into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media channels to reach their customers and identify new customers. But Small Businesses don’t have the time or resources.

So small business owners set up pages and start posting products/services they’re selling. This is particularly true of retailers. Does this sound familiar? Here’s a pair of shoes. Here’s a pair of jeans. Here’s a whole outfit. Restaurants traditionally do the same thing. Here’s a photo of food. Post. Here’s another photo of food. Post. Here’s a drink or dessert we’re serving.

Well, you get the idea.

And, although, these businesses may be moving *some* products or the restaurateur may be getting lots of “Likes” on their beautiful pictures, how many people are actually buying?

What’s missing is the content. The Story. The reason behind these posts. Content is king. It’s been true. And it’s still true. Time and time again, however, I see posts without content. Posts without context. Photos without a story. Your content. Your story is so important as a way to differentiate your brand and give your business an engaging personality. Otherwise, your brand will get lost in the midst of 1,000’s of similar posts. Don’t forget to build and publish your content so your posts have more meaning and become more memorable.

One of my favorite posts┬áis by Bees on a Bicycle on Chattanooga’s Southside and their recent seasonal post was all about the environmental impacts of annual Winter flowers – like Pansies versus the benefits of perennial plants. What a wonderful memorable post. Substance, content and context are so important.

When you integrate quality content into your Social Media Marketing Plan, your sales will follow…..and they will be stronger.