Already Working With An Agency?

So you’re currently working with an agency or large corporation to manage your Social Media? That’s great. We’re so happy you’re taking advantage of Social Media and the marketing opportunities this type of channel offers.

The bad news is: you’re probably paying more for the same service.

And, you’re probably not receiving the same marketing expertise and experience, you’ll receive with Chattanooga Social. In all likelihood, if you’re working with an agency or big company, you’re paying more each month than you need to to cover their employee’s salaries, benefits and overhead. You won’t be paying for those additional costs with Chattanooga Social. And, you won’t be competing for specialized attention. Agencies service a number of clients. Our boutique service focuses on a small number of businesses so we can provide exceptional service & focus; truly enabling our insight & expertise to help your business grow.

But if you’d like to continue paying more than you need to, that’s A-Okay with us.