What Is Chattanooga Social?

IceCreamconesChattanooga Social is your one stop shop for businesses looking to build unique and special brands through Social Media. If you’re just starting out – or haven’t been clear about who you are – we can help you define Your Personal Brand. If you’d like to increase your business’s visibility, build your brand, attract new customers and increase your revenue, contact our team today and let our expertise and dedication work for you.

Most business owners are far too busy running their business to worry about posting on Facebook or Instagram. And, they may not even be sure how to define their brand.  That’s where Chattanooga Social comes in. We are marketing experts committed to helping businesses grow. Social media marketing is far more than just posting pictures. Lots of business owners do that. And that’s great because you are the brand. However, the combination of  content management and consistent branding is critical to reaching new potential customers. Engaging them and creating excitement so they take action and purchase from you is our goal.

Are you a new business getting ready to open? We’ve got plenty of ideas and contacts for how to put you front and center. We can help you create that buzz driving attention to your new brand.

Don’t have a Facebook page or Twitter account? No worries. We can set them up for you in no time. No photos? We can help. Want to announce a new seasonal menu? We’ve got you covered. Looking to announce your daily specials? Have a special event or occasion you’d like to feature? No problem. Have a Facebook page but don’t know what to post or when? Or, you’re just too busy to do it on a regular basis? Just let us know. We’re an extension of your business and we’re here to help you.

As your partner we’re committing to providing you with the support you need to build your brand and grow your business.

Contact us today ! We’d love to discuss Your Business. Your Brand and Your Goals.


Thyra DeCicco – Social Media Marketing Strategist & Owner

Thyra@chattanooga-social.com OR 423-994-4676.